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Healthy eating is getting more attention than ever. Food, nowadays, is required to be not only tasty but also fresh, natural and good for consumer’s health. Keeping up with that trend, Vital Plus is trying its best to be one of the first leading suppliers who fulfill the mission of providing good additives for customer whose commitment to consumer’s health is the highest priority.

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Vietnamese Dried Fruits

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With various ranges of products, Vital Plus is ready to accompany worldwide firms to fulfill the premium dried fruits .

FD banana (Powder or slice)

FD Pineapple (Powder or slice)

FD Red Dragon Fruit (Powder or slice)

FD White Dragon Fruit (Powder or slice)

FD Mango (Powder or slice)

FD Jackfruit (Powder or slice)

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Vital Plus commits to provide customers with high quality products which are excellent at enhancing taste and flavor for various applications

Tea powder

Extract (liquid and powder)


Creamer powder

Fruit Juice powder

Seasoning powder

Vegetable powder

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Thanks to our reliably professional partners whose materials are traceable, production technologies are advanced and strictly follow International Certificate and Standard, we are confident that we can provide you with premium products – mostly derived from natural – at a reasonable price for the best quality

Right Choice , Good Food !

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